Lower limit of the motor neuron volume

Range >5,000 µm^3
Organism Mouse Mus musculus
Reference Weber UJ, Bock T, Buschard K, Pakkenberg B. Total number and size distribution of motor neurons in the spinal cord of normal and EMC-virus infected mice - a stereological study. J Anat. 1997 Oct191 ( Pt 3):347-53. p.348 left column bottom paragraphPubMed ID9418991
Method Abstract: "The optical fractionator method was applied for estimating the total number of motor neurons and the 3D size distribution was estimated using the rotator method in a vertical design."
Comments P.348 left column bottom paragraph: "The size of the cell bodies of the motor neurons varies. Those with a long axon have large cell bodies, whereas those with shorter axons as well as gamma motor neurons have smaller cell bodies. Since alpha motor neurons are substantially larger than most gamma and interneurons, it is possible to identify lamina IX at low magnification. A pilot study indicated that the lower limit of the motor neuron volume was well above 5000µm^3. The low cut-off point would therefore detect a virus-induced atrophy of the motor neurons."
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