Number of neurons in grey matter of spinal cord

Range ~4×10^6 neurons
Organism Mouse Mus musculus
Reference Weber UJ, Bock T, Buschard K, Pakkenberg B. Total number and size distribution of motor neurons in the spinal cord of normal and EMC-virus infected mice - a stereological study. J Anat. 1997 Oct191 ( Pt 3):347-53. p.348 left column 2nd paragraphPubMed ID9418991
Primary Source Bjugn R (1993) The use of the optical disector to estimate the number of neurons, glial and endothelial cells in the spinal cord of the mouse - with a comparative note on the rat spinal cord. Brain Research 627, 25-33.PubMed ID8293301
Method Primary source abstract: "By means of stereological techniques such as the optical disector, the total number of cells in the spinal cords of five albino mice were estimated."
Comments P.348 left column 2nd paragraph: "According to Bjugn (primary source), the grey matter in the mouse spinal cord contains approximately 4 million neurons with 8-9% located in the ventral horns. Anterior horn tissue contains both small motor neurons and interneurons as well as large, classical motor neurons. Motor neurons are the largest of the multipolar cells, characterised by a predominantly spherical nucleus containing a well developed, deeply stained nucleolus near the centre of a clear nucleoplasm (Mayhew & Momoh, 1974). Clear rounded vacuoles are sometimes seen in the nuclei. The nuclei are more regular than those of small neurons, and the nuclear membrane occasionally presents a wrinkled appearance. The abundant cytoplasm is characterised by substantial amounts of Nissl substance arranged in polygonal clumps."
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