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To cite BioNumbers please refer to Milo et al. Nucl. Acids Res. (2010) 38 (suppl 1): D750-D753.

BioNumbers highlights: Collection of fundamental numbers in molecular biology

BioNumbers description handout: Short description of BioNumbers and a collection of interesting bioNumbers

Specialized BioNumbers collections: Handouts geared to specific communities. For example, a collection focusing on photosynthesis. Please suggest a subject for which you would like to have one.

BioNumbers in the news: Media coverage of BioNumbers

BioNumbers presentations Introduces the concept and some applications as well as a collection of slides with interesting BioNumbers

Handbooks of BioNumbers: useful book resources

Basic cell properties comparison table: An updated version of a table in Uri Alon's book Introduction to systems biology.

Quantitative biology problem sets: Aimed at courses teaching biology these questions make use of BioNumbers to develop quantitative reasoning about biological systems. For example: Putting absolute numbers on a sporulation model. Please contribute your ideas for good questions.

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A neat demonstration: sizes of cells and their components across scales