Properties of isolated olfactory receptor neurons

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Organism Mouse Mus musculus
Reference Maue RA & Dionne VE, chapter 7, Membrane properties of isolated olfactory receptor neurons, pp.143-158 in Frank L. Margolis, Thomas V. Getchell, eds. Molecular Neurobiology of the Olfactory System: Molecular, Membranous, and Cytological Studies, Plenum Press 1988th Edition p.145 2nd paragraph
Method P.145 2nd paragraph:"Olfactory neurons were isolated in large numbers from mouse nasal epithelia using enzyme treatment, divalent-free media and mechanical disruption (Maue and Dionne, 1987) The isolated neurons retained their morphology (Fig. 1) and so could be easily distinguished from the other cell types of the epithelium."
Comments P.145 2nd paragraph:"They [olfactory neurons] comprised the largest fraction of identifiable cells in the preparation and remained largely intact, except for the axon, which presumably was severed from the soma during the dissociation procedure. Somata were spherical or ovoid, 5-8 µm in diameter. A dendrite approximately 1 µm in diameter extended from the soma and terminated in a swelling or knob bearing several fine cilia. Dendrites were usually 5-15 µm long, although dendrites as long as 30-35 µm were observed. Most cells appeared to have 5-10 cilia, with 15-20 in some cases cilia were generally 10-25 µm long, occasionally extending 40-45 µm. As expected for mammalian olfactory neurons (Lidow and Menco, 1984), the cilia were immotile."
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