Hydrogen bond in 42 X-ray-elucidated proteins

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Reference Stickle DF, Presta LG, Dill KA, Rose GD. Hydrogen bonding in globular proteins. J Mol Biol. 1992 Aug 20 226(4):1143-59. pp.1148-1149 table 2PubMed ID1518048
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Method "Hydrogen bonds were identified in 42 X-ray-elucidated proteins from a recent version of the Brookhaven data base (Bernstein et al., 1977). All proteins are refined structures, with resolution =2.OÅ and R factors =20%. Proteins are listed in Table 2 together with a summary of the numbers and types of hydrogen bonds. The automatic classification of backbone hydrogen bonds into secondary structure types was also performed for each protein, with results shown in Table 2."
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