Strong, moderate, and weak hydrogen bonds

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Reference Steiner T. The hydrogen bond in the solid state. Angew Chem Int Ed Engl. 2002 Jan 4 41(1):49-76. p.56 table 2PubMed ID12491444
Primary Source G. A. Jeffrey, An Introduction to Hydrogen Bonding, Oxford University Press, Oxford, 1997.
Comments "As...seen, hydrogen bonds exist with a continuum of strengths. Nevertheless, it can be useful for practical reasons to introduce a classification, such as "weak", "strong", and possibly also "in between". In this article, the system described by Jeffrey is followed, (primary source) who called hydrogen bonds moderate if they resemble those between water molecules or in carbohydrates (one could also call them "normal", and are associated with energies in the range 4 - 15 kcal/mol. Hydrogen bonds with energies above and below this range are termed strong and weak, respectively. Some general properties of these categories are listed in Table 2. It must be stressed that there are no "natural" borderlines between these categories, and that there is no point in using this or any related system in too stringent a way. For a comment on the names of the categories, see footnote [58, beneath table]."
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