Comparison of the most conserved ribosomal proteins between E .coli & other organisms

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Organism Various
Reference Ulrich Stelzl, Sean Connell, Knud H Nierhaus, Brigitte Wittmann-Liebold, Ribosomal Proteins: Role in Ribosomal Functions, 2001, DOI: 10.1038/npg.els.0000687, p.4 table 2
Primary Source Mu¨ ller EC and Wittmann-Liebold B (1997) Phylogenetic relationship of organisms by ribosomal protein comparison. Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences 53: 34–50.PubMed ID9117996
Comments p.3 left column 2nd paragraph:"Many E. coli r-proteins, especially those critical for ribosomal function and assembly, have homologous counterparts in higher eukaryal and archaeal ribosomes. Proteins with the highest sequence conservations with respect to the E. coli sequences are listed in Table 2." See notes beneath table
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