Mean velocity of blood flow in tenuissimus precapillaries (lumen of 9µm)

Value 3.8 mm/sec Range: ±1.0 mm/sec
Organism Cat
Reference Ivanov, K., Kalinina, M. and Levkovich, Y. (1981). Blood flow velocity in capillaries of brain and muscles and its physiological significance. Microvascular Research, 22(2), pp.143-155 link P.152 one paragraph above bottom
Primary Source Fronek K, Zweifach BW. Microvascular blood flow in cat tenuissimus muscle. Microvasc Res. 1977 Sep14(2):181-9 link PubMed ID927216
Method Primary source abstract: "Blood flow and microvascular pressure distribution were determined in arterioles of the tenuissimus muscle by use of intravital microscopy and the radioisotope-labeled-microspheres technique."
Comments P.152 one paragraph above bottom: "The mean velocity of 2.43±0.08 mm/sec [BNID 115135], measured in the temporalis terminal arterioles and precapillaries (lumen of 3-6µm) is similar to the mean velocity of 3.8±1.0 mm/sec in cat tenuissimus precapillaries (9µm) reported by Fronek and Zweifach (primary source)."
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