Mean linear red cell velocity for 100 cerebral capillaries 2-5 µm in diameter

Value 0.79 mm/sec Range: ±0.03 mm/sec
Organism Rat Rattus norvegicus
Reference Ivanov, K., Kalinina, M. and Levkovich, Y. (1981). Blood flow velocity in capillaries of brain and muscles and its physiological significance. Microvascular Research, 22(2), pp.143-155 link abstract, p.148 6th paragraph & P.149 bottom paragraph
Method Abstract: "Intravital microfilming by means of a dark-field contact epiobjective was used for measuring capillary blood flow velocity in the brain and skeletal muscles of the rat. The linear flow rate in capillaries was determined by measuring the rate of motion of plasma-filled “gaps” in the continuous erythrocyte flow."
Comments Abstract: "The mean linear red cell velocity for 100 cerebral capillaries 2–5 μm in diameter was found to be 0.79 ± 0.03 mm/sec." P.148 6th paragraph: "The average velocity for all capillaries amounted to 0.79±0.03 mm/sec." P.149 bottom paragraph: "The mean linear flow velocity was calculated from 1100 separate measurements for 100 capillaries (2-5 µm in diameter) of parietal cortex. This value (0.79 ± 0.03 mm/sec) is similar to data reported by Ma et al. (1974) for the smallest pial vessels, using the two-slit photometric method."
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