Red blood cell speed in the arteriolar limb of nailfold capillaries

Range maximal speed ~2.5: in most cases 1-2 mm/sec
Organism Human Homo sapiens
Reference P. Butti et al., Technical report: Capillary red blood cell velocity measurements in human nailfold by videodensitometric method, Microvascular Research, Volume 10, Issue 2, September 1975, Pages 220-227 link p.223 3rd paragraph
Method P.223 2nd paragraph: "Four healthy men and one woman of ages 23, 31, 31, 42, and 28, respectively, were examined. A capillary in the nailfold of each individual was televised, recorded, and studied by each of the above methods."
Comments P.223 3rd paragraph: "Conversely, the fluctuations shown by the on-line method are consistently smaller, as a consequence of the averaging process inherent to the technique. The maximum speed measured was of the order of 2.5 mm/sec, but in most cases the values were of the order 1-2 mm/sec. Speeds in this range are generally well within the limitations of the video system due to the frame rate and due to the optical density variation caused by the distribution of plasma gaps and red blood cells in the nailfold capillaries (see Silva and Intaglietta and Holliger et al., 1974)."
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