Volume of water molecule in bulk water

Value 29.7 Å^3
Organism Generic
Reference Gerstein M, Chothia C. Packing at the protein-water interface. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 1996 Sep 17 93(19):10167-72. p.10171 left columnPubMed ID8816770
Method Voronoi polyhedra calculations
Comments The 393 water molecules near the protein surface have a mean volume of 24.5Å^3 with >90% between 20 and 30Å^3. This value is ~18% less than the volume of a molecule in bulk water (29.7Å^3) but still considerably larger than the van der Waals volume of an isolated water molecule (11.5Å^3, assuming a 1.4Å radius). For volume of 19.51Å^3 type in "water" then click on "calculate properties" and then click on "calculate geometry" at link See BNID 103763, 106549
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