ATP requirement for growth on glucose and minimal media under anaerobic conditions

Value 1.64e+10 ATP/cell
Organism Bacteria Escherichia coli
Reference Hempfling, W. and Mainzer, S. Effects of Varying the Carbon Source Limiting Growth on Yield and Maintenance Characteristics of Escherichia coli in Continuous Culture. (1975) J. Bacteriol. 123(3): 1076-1087. abstract, p.1080 left column bottom paragraph & p.1081 right column 4th paragraph (value of 10.3 for YATP(max))PubMed ID169226
Comments Abstract: "During growth in anaerobic continuous culture with limiting glucose YATP was found to be 10.3 g (dry weight)/mol of adenosine 5'-triphosphate (ATP) and m ATP was 18.9 mmol of ATP/g (dry weight) per h." P.1080 left column bottom paragraph: "[Investigators] will accept the means of the two plotting methods as the effective values, that is, YATP (max) is 10.3g (dry weight) per mol of ATP and mATP is 18.9 mmol of ATP/g (dry weight) per h." P.1081 right column 4th paragraph: "Fundamental to any attempt to derive the stoichiometry of ATP formation through substrate metabolism is the accurate and reliable estimation of YATP during the metabolism of substrates through known pathways. The present findings indicate that YATP(max) is 10.3g(dry weight)/mol of ATP formed during glucose fermentation. Such a value is typical of those reported by others, as given by Forrest and Walker (ref 6)." This number is calculated from the value for YATP(max) of 10.3 in the reference. YATP(max) is the number of grams of cells (dry weight) produced per mol of ATP corrected for cellular maintenance energy costs. 1/10.3 gives 0.0971 mol of ATP per gram of cells. One E.coli cell weighs 0.28pg (dry wt) BNID 103904, so there are 3.57 trillion cells/gram. 0.0971×6.02E23/(3.57E12 cells/g (dry wt)) gives 16.4 billion ATP/cell. See BNID 101981, 101982, 104847, 114702
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