Typical values for cellular parameters in model cells (but see comments)

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Reference Uri Alon, An Introduction to Systems Biology: Design Principles of Biological Circuits, Chapman and Hall/CRC 1 edition (July 7, 2006) p. 6 table 2.1
Comments Note that the value of cell size for budding yeast should be smaller by about an order of magnitude (30-100 µm^3 rather than 1000 µm^3). This also scales the number of proteins per cell to about 10^8 rather than the value in the table and the diffusion times and concentration per 1 molecule. Number of ribosomes is about 200,000 at fast growth rates. The number of protein coding genes in humans is now known to be close to 20,000 rather than 30,000. These and other small points were corrected in the updated table link above. (Comment added by Ron Milo)
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