Erythrocyte membrane thickness

Value 7.5 nm
Organism vertebrates
Reference Jaspard F, Nadi M, Rouane A. Dielectric properties of blood: an investigation of haematocrit dependence. Physiol Meas. 2003 Feb24(1):137-47. p.143 bottom paragraphPubMed ID12636192
Primary Source Aim´e-Genty N 1999 Le sang Dictionnaire Encyclop´edique (Paris: Vuibert)
Comments P.143 bottom paragraph: "In a first approximation, the biconcave shape of the erythrocytes is approached by a spherical particle of radius R = 2.4 μm (Schwan 1957). The cell membrane thickness is d = 7.5 nm (primary source) and the membrane capacitance is CMB = 0.8 μF cm^−2 (Schwan 1957)." For widths of E. coli outer membrane, Caulobacter crescentus outer and inner membrane, and spinach lipid bilayer width, see BNID 100015, 104912, 104911, 101276, respectively.
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