Resting Potential of mouse olfactory receptor neurons

Value -52 mV Range: ±17 mV
Organism Mouse Mus musculus
Reference Maue RA, Dionne VE. Patch-clamp studies of isolated mouse olfactory receptor neurons. J Gen Physiol. 1987 Jul90(1):95-125 free online article p.116 3rd paragraphPubMed ID2442298
Method p.115 bottom paragraph:"To determine whether the odorant-induced responses involved membrane depolarization, 145 mM KCl was substituted for the mixture of odorants in the puffer pipette. In contrast to the odorants, the application of KCl induced an outward current of 2-10 pA and a concomitant decrease in the peak-to-peak noise of the holding current in 9 of 15 patches."
Comments p.116 3rd paragraph:"The reversal potential of K+ channels recorded in the cell-attached configuration with 145 mM K+ in the pipette suggested that the membrane potential of the mouse receptor neurons was -52 ± 17 mV (n = 10), with a range of -30 to -80 mV."
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