Alpha motor neuron volume

Range most cells >10,000µm^3: remaining cells 5,000-10,000µm^3 µm^3
Organism Mouse Mus musculus
Reference Weber UJ, Bock T, Buschard K, Pakkenberg B. Total number and size distribution of motor neurons in the spinal cord of normal and EMC-virus infected mice - a stereological study. J Anat. 1997 Oct191 ( Pt 3):347-53. p.348 left column bottom paragraphPubMed ID9418991
Method Abstract: "The optical fractionator method was applied for estimating the total number of motor neurons and the 3D size distribution was estimated using the rotator method in a vertical design."
Comments P.348 left column bottom paragraph: "When observing the sections at low magnification (×130), clusters of motor neurons in lamina IX are easily observed and encircled. When measured at a higher magnification (×1960) in a pilot study most of the alpha motor neurons appeared to be above 10,000µm^3 and the remaining between 5,000 and 10,000µm^3. Cells smaller than 5,000µm^3 were therefore excluded as they were considered to be either other types of neurons or glia cells. Neurons outside lamina IX were seldom above 10,000µm^3. The neurons above 10,000µm^3 and positioned in the encircled area are considered to consist mainly of alpha motor neurons."
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