Average number of neurons in the mouse brain

Value 7.5e+7 unitless
Organism Mouse Mus musculus
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Primary Source Williams, Robert W. (2000). "Mapping Genes that Modulate Mouse Brain Development: A Quantitative Genetic Approach". In: Mouse brain development (Goffinet AF, Rakic P, eds), Springer Verlag, New York, p.41 3rd paragraph
Comments See PMID 10857184 p.21 top paragraph for same value: "The complexity of CNS development is staggering. In mice a total of approximately 75 million neurons and 25 million glial cells are generated, moved, connected, and integrated into hundreds of different circuits over a period of 1 month." From primary source p.41 3rd paragraph: "The brain of this individual contained approximately 75 million neurons, 23 million glial cells, 7 million blood vessel–related endothelial cells, and 3–4 million miscellaneous pial, ependymal, and choroidal cells." For same value see PMID 24773017 p.227 bottom paragraph
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