Number of myelin sheaths each oligodendrocyte is connected to

Range ≤30 - 60 myelin sheaths
Organism Mammals
Reference Hildebrand C, Remahl S, Persson H, Bjartmar C. Myelinated nerve fibres in the CNS. Prog Neurobiol. 1993 Mar40(3):319-84 p.327 left column top paragraphPubMed ID8441812
Comments P.327 left column top paragraph: "The most frequent glial cell in mammalian white matter is the oligodendrocyte (Ling and Leblond, 1973, Ling et al., 1973, Ling, 1976, Franson, 1985a,b), which forms and maintains the myelin sheaths. According to the prevailing view, each oligodendrocyte is connected to up to 30-60 myelin sheaths, through long and slender processes (refs - link )."
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