Half-life of organic coenzymes in exponentially growing cells

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Organism Microbes
Reference Hartl J, Kiefer P, Meyer F, Vorholt JA. Longevity of major coenzymes allows minimal de novo synthesis in microorganisms. Nat Microbiol. 2017 May 15 2 :17073. doi: 10.1038/nmicrobiol.2017.73 p.4 table 1PubMed ID28504670
Method Abstract: "Here, [investigators] use dynamic 13C-labelling experiments to determine the half-life of major coenzymes of Escherichia coli." P.4 note beneath table 1: "Half-life (T50) values are based on curves obtained from fitting decaying isotopologue fractions of respective coenzymes from DLEs [dynamic labelling experiments]. Models are based on single DLEs with ≥14 data points. Data are available in Supplementary Data 1, 4 and 5. The indicated s.d. are calculated from the standard deviations of the obtained parameters from curve fitting. Details on calculations and fittings are available in the Supplementary Methods. Additional information and compounds are provided in Supplementary Table 1 [BNID 113856]. ND, not detected, NQ, not quantified, Supp., supplemented with precursor."
Comments P.2 right column 2nd paragraph: "Most notably, the labelling kinetics of PLP [Pyridoxal phosphate] matched the first-order kinetic model based on the observed growth rate (Fig. 2b,c, T50 of 54 ± 2 min, Table 1)." P.5 right column top paragraph: "Overall, coenzyme turnover proved to be strikingly conserved (Table 1 and Supplementary Figs 7 and 8)."
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