Combination of fragments 1 and 2 with experimental free energy of binding ΔG to generate factor Xa inhibitors 1a and 2a

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Reference Nazaré M et al., Fragment deconstruction of small, potent factor Xa inhibitors: exploring the superadditivity energetics of fragment linking in protein-ligand complexes. Angew Chem Int Ed Engl. 2012 Jan 23 51(4):905-11. doi: 10.1002/anie.201107091. p.909 table 2PubMed ID22190348
Method "Here [researchers] explore ?G additivity using two series of small, but very potent inhibitors of a well-characterized and rigid protease as model system. This system allowed [them] to systematically investigate the energetic impact of the linker by a deconstruction analysis into fragments addressing proximal binding sites [ref 12]. [Researchers] recently reported indole-2-carboxamide inhibitors of the serine protease factor Xa (fXa) as central enzyme in the blood coagulation cascade [ref 13]."
Comments "Consequently, the fragment deconstruction of 1a and 2a allowed [researchers] to study detailed contributions to affinity, when growing molecules from their corresponding fragment into neighboring subsites. As expected, the most significant increase is observed, when S1 and S4 fragments are connected by appropriate linkers. These data on fXa inhibitors and fragments allows studying the influence of different linkers, as estimated from summing individual ?G values for fragments 1 and 2 (?Gfrag1, ?Gfrag2) and comparing them to the ?Gfinal of the final inhibitor (?Glink=?Gfinal-?Gfrag1-?Gfrag2). [Researchers'] analysis is summarized in Table 2 it reveals that linkers show different effects on the increase of ?Glink." "Table 2 shows the generation of 1a and 2a by combination of different fragments." See notes beneath table
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