Proteome size of mitochondrion

Range yeast mitochondrion (expected) 400-786: human mitochondrion ~1,000 proteins
Organism Eukaryotes
Reference Ohlmeier S., Kastaniotis A. J., Hiltunen J. K., Bergmann U. The Yeast Mitochondrial Proteome, a Study of Fermentative and Respiratory Growth. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 279: 3956–3979, 2004. p.3956 right column top paragraphPubMed ID14597615
Primary Source [18] Lithgow, T. Targeting of proteins to mitochondria. (2000) FEBS Lett. 476, 22–26 [19] Karlberg O, Canbäck B, Kurland CG, Andersson SG. The dual origin of the yeast mitochondrial proteome. (2000) Yeast 17, 170–187 [20] Kumar A et al., Subcellular localization of the yeast proteome. Genes Dev. 2002 Mar 15 16(6):707-19. [21] Scheffler, I. E. A century of mitochondrial research: achievements and perspectives. (2001) Mitochondrion 1, 3–31PubMed ID10878243, 11025528, 11914276, 16120266
Comments p.3956 right column top paragraph:"Currently, the expected proteome size of the yeast mitochondrion varies between 400 and 786 proteins (primary sources 18–20). The mitochondrial proteome of higher eukaryotes is significantly larger, e.g. about 1000 proteins for the human mitochondrion (primary source 21). The reason for this increased proteome size of higher eukaryotes is not fully understood. A possible explanation offers the presence of isoforms for several mitochondrial enzymes and additional mitochondrial functions (ref 22)."
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