Typical empirical substarate concentration in biosynthetic pathways

Value 0.17 mM Range: × /20 mM
Organism Various
Reference Liebermeister W, Klipp E. Bringing metabolic networks to life: integration of kinetic, metabolic, and proteomic data. Theor Biol Med Model. 2006 Dec 15 3: 42. Table - link PubMed ID17173670
Method Experimental values for turnover rates, substrate, product, and inhibition constants were taken from the Brenda database [BNID 100598 Database - link The range is calculated by dividing and multiplying the geometric mean by the exponent of the standard deviation of the natural logarithm, 20. 0.17/20=0.0085mM. 0.17×20=3.4mM.
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