Volume of COS-7 cell

Value 2016 µm^3 Range: ±208.6 µm^3
Organism Mammalian tissue culture cell
Reference Bohil AB, Robertson BW, Cheney RE. Myosin-X is a molecular motor that functions in filopodia formation. PNAS 2006. 103(33): pp. 12411-12416 Supplementary figure S7PubMed ID16894163
Method SEM, Scanning electron microscope
Comments Value is found in supplemental figure 7. The COS cell line was obtained by immortalizing a CV-1[1] cell line derived from kidney cells of the African green monkey with a version of the SV40 genome that can produce large T antigen but has a defect in genomic replication. See BNID 101711, 103566, 103180
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