Number of granule cells that are associated with one Purkinje cell in cerebellum (in humans this number is ten times greater)

Range ~300 granules cells
Organism Rat Rattus norvegicus
Reference Morgado E et al., Three-dimensional morphometry of mammalian cells. II. Areas, volumes, and area-volume ratios. Arch Biol Med Exp (Santiago). 1990 May23(1):21-7 p.25 right column top paragraphPubMed ID2152294
Comments P.25 right column top paragraph: "Delbruck (1986) has recently emphasized, that the Purkinje neuron (cell type N° 8) appears to be the central integrative element of the cerebellum, and that the granule cells (type N° 9), which are structurally and functionally related with the Purkinje cells, have increased in number during mammalian evolution (in the rat about 300 granule cells are associated with one Purkinje cell, while in humans this ratio is ten times greater), which seems to indicate an increasing complexity of the informations delivered by the granule cells to each Purkinje neuron."
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