Relative proportion of red bone marrow out of total bone marrow

Range in the first decade of life 58%: in the 8th decade of life 29% %
Organism Human Homo sapiens
Reference Chan BY, Gill KG, Rebsamen SL, Nguyen JC. MR Imaging of Pediatric Bone Marrow. Radiographics. 2016 Oct36(6):1911-1930 DOI: 10.1148/rg.2016160056 p.1914 left column top paragraphPubMed ID27726743
Primary Source [29] Dunnill MS, Anderson JA, Whitehead R. Quantitative histological studies on age changes in bone. J Pathol Bacteriol. 1967 Oct94(2):275-91 DOI: 10.1002/path.1700940205PubMed ID6066476
Method Primary source abstract: "The body of the second lumbar vertebra was obtained from 95 apparently healthy subjects and from 14 clinical cases of osteoporosis. For the purposes of this investigation “children” were defined as individuals under 17 yr. Each vertebra was trimmed of surrounding tissue and the neural arch was sawn off flush with the body. The volume of the body was then measured by water displacement. It was next Cut into four or five coronal slices."
Comments P.1914 left column top paragraph: "Within the axial skeleton, the rate of marrow conversion is more gradual and continues into and throughout adulthood. The relative proportion of red marrow decreases by nearly half between the 1st and 8th decades, from 58% to 29% (primary source)."
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