Cell volume

Value 17067 µm^3
Organism Ciliate Tetrahymena pyriformis
Reference William D. Taylor and Brian J. Shuter, Body Size, Genome Size, and Intrinsic Rate of Increase in Ciliated Protozoa, The American Naturalist, Vol. 118, No. 2 (Aug., 1981), pp. 160-172 p.163 table 1
Primary Source Taylor WD, Gates MA, Berger J. Morphological changes during the growth cycle of axenic and monoxenic Tetrahymena pyriformis. Can J Zool. 1976 Nov54(11):2011-8.PubMed ID825212
Method Primary source abstract: "Morphometric data were collected from Tetrahymena pyriformis (WH-14, syngen I, mating type II) grown in two different media, one axenic and one monoxenic (with Serratia marcescens), at various times during the growth cycle."
Comments P.162 5th paragraph: "Table 1 lists 35 determinations of rm (intrinsic rate of natural increase) and V (body volume) at 20˚C, including those from the studies mentioned above. Where two determinations for a species were available, [investigators] selected the one with the larger rm and V. For Paramecium bursaria, where two determinations produced the same rm but different volumes, [they] used a mean V. Several determinations made at 25˚C or more were not used. In other cases, where the temperature was closer to 20˚C, a correction of rm was made using a Q10 of 2. In some cases approximate volumes were calculated from the means of linear dimensions."
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