Cell volume at log phase

Value 7500 µm^3
Organism Tetrahymena pyriformis (GL)
Reference Hellung-Larsen P, Andersen AP. Cell volume and dry weight of cultured Tetrahymena. J Cell Sci. 1989 Feb92 ( Pt 2):319-24 p.323 right column 4th paragraphPubMed ID2777928
Method Abstract: "Cell volume was measured on cells suspended in 0.9% sodium chloride + 0.1% sodium azide using a Multisizer cell counter (Coulter)."
Comments P.323 right column 4th paragraph: "For log phase GL cells in standard medium (PY) a volume of about 7500µm^3 was found. Other media gave from 17000µm^3 (3.5×PY) to 3000µm^3 in 0.01×PY, a medium capable of supporting log growth with a doubling time of 11.5 h. Cameron (1973) found 12400µm^3 for log phase cells and 6100µm^3 at MCC (maximum cell concentration). James & Read (1957) used projections of pictures of living cells and found 9400µm^3 for T. pyriformis (at 30°C). According to the formula: V= 4/3×pi × (A/2) × (B/2)^2, where A is the major and B is the minor axis, a value of 7500µm^3 corresponds to A = 40 µm, B = 19µm." PY="a medium composed of 0.75 % proteose peptone (PP) + 0.75 % Bacto yeast extract (YE) + 1.5 % glucose + 1 mM-MgSO4 + 50 mMCaCl2 + 100 µM-ferric citrate, pH 6.8."
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