Average cell volume

Value 15000 µm^3
Organism Tetrahymena thermophila
Reference Seyfert HM, Hipke H, Schmidt W. Isolation and phenotypic characterization of Tetrahymena thermophila size mutants: the relationship between cell size and regulation of DNA content. J Cell Sci. 1984 Apr67:203-15 summaryPubMed ID6205007
Method Summary: "Temperature-sensitive size mutants of the ciliate Tetrahymena thermophila were selected following chemical mutagenesis." P.205 4th paragraph: "The clones with unusual phenotypes were grown in test tubes. To characterize their average cell size, their growth properties and their macromolecular composition, 100-ml cultures were started with 1000 cells/ml. In these cultures, maintained at either test temperature, changes in the average cell size were followed throughout the entire growth period."
Comments Summary: "Tetrahymena cells have an average cell volume of 15,000µm^3."
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