Cell volume

Value 15230 µm^3 Range: ±1,890 µm^3
Organism Tetrahymena pyriformis (GL)
Reference C. Houba, J. Remacle and F. De Parmentier, Influence of cadmium on Tetrahymena pyriformis in axenic culture, European journal of applied microbiology and biotechnology, September 1981, Volume 11, Issue 3, pp 179–182 p.181 table 1
Method P.180 left column 2nd paragraph: "At the end of the growth phase, 1 ml of the culture was fixed in an equal volume of glutaraldehyde (4% in phosphate buffer pH 7) and stored at 4˚C. The length and the largest breadth of the ciliates were measured using a camera lucida by projecting the picture of the cell onto calibrated scale. Cells were assumed to be ellipsoidal and the volume (V) was calculated from the equation V = 4/3×π×a^2×c×10^-3 (where a = breadth/2 = depth/2 and c =length/2, all of them in µm and V in 10^3µm^3) after Curds and Cockburn (1971). For each concentration of cadmium, three means of 50 cells, chosen randomly in three different cultures, were calculated."
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