The range of osmolarities found in freshwater algae

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Organism Algae
Reference Raven JA, Costs and Benefits of Low Intracellular Osmolarity in Cells of Freshwater Algae, Functional Ecology Vol. 9, No. 5 (Oct., 1995), pp. 701-707, DOI: 10.2307/2390241 Stable URL: link p.702 table 1
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Comments P.701 left column bottom paragraph: "The 'normal' half- saturating concentration of glutamate- (as K+ salt) for enzyme activation of glutamine synthetase activity is 10-20 mol/m^3 or more (osmolarity 17-34 osmol/m^3 with activity coefficients of 0.85), with a total osmolarity in some freshwater algal cells as low as <60 osmol/m^3 (Table 1)." P.701 right column bottom paragraph: "Because up to half of the organic mass of vacuolate freshwater cells with an intracellular osmolarity of 200osmol/m^3 (Table 1) or so can be in the cell wall the possible resource allocation benefits of reducing intracellular osmolarity are large and appear to be realized in the largest spherical cells of the chlorophycean Hydrodictyon africanum (primary sources Raven 1982, 1984a)."
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