Photon requirements of photosynthesis in marine algae grown, and measured, at close to present day atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide

Range Table - link absorbed mol photon per mol carbon or per mol oxygen
Organism Algae
Reference Raven, J. a, Beardall, J., & Giordano, M. (2014). Energy costs of carbon dioxide concentrating mechanisms in aquatic organisms. Photosynthesis Research, 121(2-3), 111–24. doi:10.1007/s11120-013-9962-7 p.120 table 3PubMed ID24390639
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Comments "Many measurements of cyanobacterial and microalgal photon yields using gas exchange (not just fluorescence) have been carried out on organisms grown on high CO2. However, some measurements were made on cultures of marine microalgae, bubbled with air, that are expressing CCMs [carbon dioxide concentrating mechanisms], and experimented on without CO2 enrichment (Welschmeyer and Lorenzen 1981 Geider et al. 1985, 1986) (Table 3). There are also data on marine macroalgae grown and experimented on with air-equilibrium carbon dioxide concentrations (Lu¨ning and Dring 1995 Markager 1993). Lu¨ning and Dring (1995) used marine macroalgae expressing, or not possessing, CCMs, while Markager (1993) worked on marine macroalgae which all expressed CCMs (Table 3)."
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