Rate of axoplasmic transport in optic nerve

Value 240 mm/day
Organism Rabbit
Reference Ochs S. Rate of fast axoplasmic transport in mammalian nerve fibres. J Physiol. 1972 Dec227(3):627-45. p.628 top paragraphPubMed ID4119621
Primary Source Hendrickson, A. E. & Cowan, M. N. (1971). Changes in the rate of axoplasmic transport during postnatal development of the rabbit's optic nerve and tract. Expl Neurol. 30, 403-422.PubMed ID4101829
Method Primary source abstract:"Change in the rates of the rapid and slow phases of axoplasmic transport have been studied in the optic nerve and tract of a large series of albino rabbits after the intravitreal injection of tritiated leucine (3H-leucine) at different ages."
Comments P.628 top paragraph:"One method widely used is to measure the accumulation of components carried to ligations made in the nerve or to nerve terminals (Lubinska, 1964 Barondes, 1969 Grafstein, 1969). Karlsson & Sjostrand (BNID 112224) found four peaks of accumulation of labelled components in the lateral geniculate after injecting the eye with [3H]leucine with two fast rates reported at 150 and 40mm/day. Hendrickson & Cowan (primary source), on the other hand, found only a single fast rate at 240 mm/day in the monkey optic system." Note: ref says organism is monkey, however primary source investigated rabbit.
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