Rates of fast axoplasmic transport

Range ~410mm/day Table - link mm/day
Organism Mammals
Reference Ochs S. Rate of fast axoplasmic transport in mammalian nerve fibres. J Physiol. 1972 Dec227(3):627-45. p.632 table 1PubMed ID4119621
Method P.638 3rd paragraph:"Fast axoplasmic transport in the sciatic nerves of the rabbit at 394 mm/day was estimated from the position of the crest of activity after injection of the dorsal root L7 ganglia with [3H]leucine (Table 1). The L7 ganglia in the dog injected with [3H]leucine showed a fast rate of transport of 423mm/day estimated from the front of the crest (Table 1)."
Comments P.642 top paragraph:"The present study has shown that the same crest pattern of activity and rate of fast axoplasmic transport is present in the sciatic nerves of mammalian species ranging in size from the goat down to the rat. The average of all the rates of the larger groups of animals shown in Table 1 ranged from 389 to 423 mm/day with a mean close to 410 mm/day."
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