Swimming rate of Gonyaulax spp.

Value 250 µm/sec Range: 175 - 325 µm/sec
Organism Dinoflagellates
Reference William G. Hand, Patricia A. Collard and Demorest Davenport, The Effects of Temperature and Salinity Change on Swimming Rate in the Dinoflagellates, Gonyaulax and Gyrodinium, Biological Bulletin Vol. 128, No. 1 (Feb., 1965), pp. 90-101 link p.94 3rd paragraph
Method "Approximately 0.4 cc. of Gonyaulax culture was pipetted into a lucite well-slide. The well was circular, with a flat bottom and vertical sides, its dimension being 8.0 mm. in diameter by 1.5 mm. deep. A coverslip was placed over the well. It was then scanned, photographed and discarded. Fifty individual pathways were recorded from such preparations and measured as described above."
Comments "From these preparations a mean linear velocity of 250µm/sec. (with a range from 175µm/sec. to 325µm/sec.) was obtained for the Gonyaulax cell at 20°C."
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