Average cell volume

Range ~13,000 µm^3
Organism Dinoflagellate Gyrodinium dorsum
Reference Manfred Klisch, Rajeshwar P. Sinha, Peter R. Richter, Donat-P. Häder. Mycosporine-like amino acids (MAAs) protect against UV-B-induced damage in Gyrodinium dorsum Kofoid. Journal of Plant Physiology, Volume 158, Issue 11, 2001, Pages 1449–1454 doi:10.1078/0176-1617-00552 p.1450 left column bottom paragraph & p.1451 right column 3rd paragraph
Method "Gyrodinium dorsum was cultivated as described elsewhere (Klisch and Häder 2000). The cell density was about 16,700 mL^–1(±15 %), determined by counting all cells in defined volumes of 2.5µL (20 repetitions). The average cell volume was about 13,000µm^3, determined by manual measurement of the length and width of cells (n=13). For calculation of the cell volume, the cell shape was supposed to be a prolate spheroid (circular cross-section and elliptical apical section: volume=p/6*diameter^2*length (Hillebrand et al. 1999))."
Comments "The mean cell volume was 12.95±4.25pl/cell."
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