Swimming rate

Value 247 µm/sec Range: Table - link µm/sec
Organism Tetrahymena thermophila
Reference Goodenough UW. Motile detergent-extracted cells of Tetrahymena and Chlamydomonas. J Cell Biol. 1983 Jun96(6):1610-21. p.1620 table IPubMed ID6602134
Method "Rates of motility were determined by mixing extracted organisms with MgATP, placing a sample of the mixture in a hemacytometer chamber, and measuring the time (with a digital stopwatch) taken for individual cells to swim straight across a 200-µm grid."
Comments "At least 10 intact or extracted cells were scored, as described in Results, for each [MgATP]. The five fastest swimming rates were then selected and averaged to yield the rates shown, the assumption being that maximum rates are least prone to error due to diagonal paths and/or mechanical obstacles." "Table I a summarizes the optimal swimming rates obtained, expressed both in microns per second and as percentage of living-cell rates." "The extracted Chlamydomonas cells swim about half as fast as their intact counterparts: Table I, b and c summarize the rates obtained for vegetative and gametic preparations."
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