Swim speed

Range ~205 µm/sec
Organism Tetrahymena thermophila
Reference Wood CR, Hard R, Hennessey TM. Targeted gene disruption of dynein heavy chain 7 of Tetrahymena thermophila results in altered ciliary waveform and reduced swim speed. Wood CR, Hard R, Hennessey TM. J Cell Sci. 2007 Sep 1 120(Pt 17):3075-85. p.3079 fig.4APubMed ID17684060
Method "The swim speed analysis was performed in a total volume of 100 µl on a glass slide, with circular raised ring wells with an inner diameter of 13 mm, outer diameter of 16 mm and depth of approximately 0.5 mm." Value extracted visually from fig.4A
Comments "To investigate whether the targeted gene disruption of DYH7 results in phenotypic defects in ciliary function, the swimming speeds of mutant and wild-type cells were assayed and compared. The mutant cell line, cultured in the presence of selective agents, displayed a strong and consistent phenotype in which swim speeds measured approximately half that of wild type (Fig. 3 Fig. 4A, first two columns)." "Motility assays of both intact and reactivated models of DYH7neo3 mutants revealed a stable, slow-swimming phenotype in which mutants displayed velocities of almost half that of wild-type cells (Figs 4 and 7)."
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