Intracellular metabolite concentrations and turnover time in glucose limited aerobic cultures of P. chrysogenum, S. cerevisiae & E. coli

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Reference Heijnen JJ. Impact of thermodynamic principles in systems biology. Adv Biochem Eng Biotechnol. 2010 121: 139-62. doi: 10.1007/10_2009_63. p.5/24 table 1PubMed ID20490971
Primary Source 2. Canelas A, van Gulik WM, Heijnen JJ (2008) Determination of the cytosolic free NAD/ NADH ratio in Saccharomyces cerevisiae under steady-state and highly dynamic conditions. Biotechnol Bioeng 100(4):734–743 3. Nasution U, van Gulik WM, Kleijn RJ, van Winden WA, Proll A, Heijnen JJ (2006) Measurement of intracellular metabolites of primary metabolism and adenine nucleotides in chemostat cultivated Penicillium chrysogenum. Biotechnol Bioeng 94(1):159–166 4. Nasution U, van Gulik WM, Proell A, van Winden WA, Heijnen JJ (2006) Generating shortterm kinetic responses of primary metabolism of Penicillium chrysogenum through glucose perturbation in the bioscope mini reactor. Metab Eng 5(5):395–405 5. Taymaz-Nikerel H, de Mey M, Ras C, ten Pierick A, Seifar RM, van Dam JC, Heijnen JJ, van Gulik WM (2009) Development and application of a differential method for reliable metabolome analysis in Escherichia coli. Anal Biochem 386(11):9–19PubMed ID18383140, 16508996, 16807032, 19084496
Comments "Assuming the presence of about 1,000 different metabolites in cells gives, for the average intracellular metabolite concentration Xj, a value of about 10^-3 mol/L. Of course, there will be a wide distribution of concentrations, so [investigators] can expect an intracellular concentration range of 10^-2 to 10^-4 mol/L, which is equivalent to 20–0.20 µmol/g dry biomass. These values are indeed found as shown in Table 1." "Another general aspect of metabolites is a fast, order of seconds, turnover time (t.o.t.) of each metabolite. The t.o.t. of a metabolite Xj is defined as (t.o.t.) Xj=Xj/Vsum, with Xj the metabolite concentration and Vsum the sum of all production rates of this metabolite. Because Xj is low and Vsum can be high, one indeed finds t.o.t. of the order of seconds (Table 1)."
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