Summary of ion selectivity experiments

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Organism Snail Helix roseneri
Reference H. Reuter and C.F. Stevens, Ion Conductance and Ion Selectivity of Potassium Channels in Snail Neurones, J. Membrane Biol. 57, 103-118 (1980) p.114 table 3PubMed ID6259361
Method "Delayed potassium channels were studied in internally perfused neurone somata from land snails"
Comments See note beneath table. "From reversal potential measurements, Reuter and Stevens [Reference] found for the delayed rectifier of snail neurons the following selectivity sequence: Tl+(1.3)>K+(1)>Rb+ (0.74)>Cs+ (0.18)> NH4+ (0.15)>Li+ (0.09)>Na+ (0.07)." Note-the previous quote is from PMID 6300405 p.15 left column bottom paragraph
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