Comparison of selectivity properties of several K+ channels

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Reference LeMasurier M, Heginbotham L, Miller C. KcsA: it's a potassium channel. J Gen Physiol. 2001 Sep118(3):303-14. p.310 table IPubMed ID11524460
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Comments P.310 left column 3rd paragraph:"In the ion conduction properties reported here, KcsA [potassium crystallographically-sited activation channel] is reminiscent of eukaryotic K+ channels (Table 1). At physiological K+ concentrations, the conductance of KcsA falls solidly within the range of values measured for Kv, Kir, and BK-type [high conductance Ca2+-activated K+ channel from rat skeletal muscle] channels. Moreover, ions known to permeate eukaryotic K+ channels also permeate KcsA with a similar selectivity sequence, and those known to be impermeant are excluded from this prokaryotic channel." See note beneath table
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