Metabolites in Arabidopsis rosettes in the dark, and under light, with 73, 210 and 485 ppm CO2

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Organism Thale cress Arabidopsis thaliana
Reference Arrivault S. et al., Use of reverse-phase liquid chromatography, linked to tandem mass spectrometry, to profile the Calvin cycle and other metabolic intermediates in Arabidopsis rosettes at different carbon dioxide concentrations. Plant J. 2009 Sep59(5):824-39 doi: 10.1111/j.1365-313X.2009.03902.x. p.833 table 4PubMed ID19453453
Method "A combination of validated reverse-phase LC-MS/MS (Liquid chromatography–mass spectrometry), AEC-MS/MS (anion-exchange–mass spectrometry) and conventional coupled enzyme assays."
Comments "Metabolites were measured by IPC-MS/MS, except those indicated as e and aec, which were measured by enzymatic assays or AEC-MS/MS, respectively. Values are nmol g FW-1 (except starch*, µmol glucose-equivalents g FW-1). Turnover times (T0.5) for metabolites in the Calvin cycle, and starch and sucrose synthesis, under light with 485 ppm CO2 were calculated as described in Experimental procedures, using the reaction stoichiometries indicated, with rates of RuBP regeneration (Vc + Vo) and net assimilation (A) of 60 and 30 µmol m-2 sec-1, respectively (see Figure 2), or with a conversion factor of 0.2 mg FW mm-2, equivalent to 64 nmol RuBP g FW-1 sec-1 and 34 nmol CO2 g FW-1 sec-1. The total leaf inorganic carbon content is calculated as described in the Experimental procedures." See notes 'a' & 'b' beneath table
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