Doubling time under optimal conditions

Range 20 to 51 Hours
Organism Green algae Dunaliella sp.
Reference Oren A. A hundred years of Dunaliella research: 1905-2005 Saline Systems. 2005 Jul 4 1: 2. p.9 right column 4th paragraphPubMed ID16176593
Method Range derived by dividing 24 hours by the following divisions per day: "Between 0.47 and 1.22..."
Comments P.9 right column 4th paragraph: "The first controlled experiments to evaluate the effect of salinity on the growth rate of different Dunaliella isolates were reported in the 1930s. Baas-Becking [ref 27] observed that D. viridis thrives equally well over the whole range of 1–4 M (6–23%) NaCl and over the pH range 6–9. He found calcium and magnesium ions in high concentrations to be inhibitory. More detailed and well-documented experiments, using a variety of species and isolates, were reported by Lerche [ref 30]. She found most isolates to grow optimally between 2 and 8% salt, with very slow growth, if at all, at salt concentrations above 15% (Fig. 5). Between 0.47 and 1.22 divisions per day were recorded under optimal conditions." See BNID 105638
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