Rate of missegregation of a chromosome in normal (telomerase immortalized) keratinocytes

Value 1.73 % per mitosis Range: 1.2-2.3 % per mitosis
Organism Human Homo sapiens
Reference Shi Q, King RW. Chromosome nondisjunction yields tetraploid rather than aneuploid cells in human cell lines. Nature. 2005 Oct 13 437(7061):1038-42 Supplementary information p.3 3rd paragraphPubMed ID16222248
Method Supplementary information p.3 3rd paragraph: "Calculation of the predicted overall rate of chromosome missegregation: The estimated overall rate of chromosome missegregation in cells with a normal bipolar mitosis was estimated by multiplying the average of the rates obtained in Fig. 1c,d for anaphase/telophase cells by the total number of different chromosomes in the cell (twenty-three). For N/TERT-1 cells, the average rate of missegregation was 0.075% per chromosome, whereas for HeLa cells the average rate was 0.315% per chromosome. Multiplying each of these rates by twenty-three yields overall rates of 1.73% for N/TERT-1 cells and 7.25% for HeLa cells. This calculation assumes that all chromosomes have a similar nondisjunction rate and segregate independently."
Comments This means that 1.73% of dividing cells will have one chromosome missegragation.
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