Equilibrium and Kinetic Constants for the Binding of the Egr-1 ZFD to Synthetic DNA Duplex

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Organism Human Homo sapiens
Reference Nalefski EA, Nebelitsky E, Lloyd JA, Gullans SR. Single-molecule detection of transcription factor binding to DNA in real time: specificity, equilibrium, and kinetic parameters. Biochemistry. 2006 Nov 21 45(46):13794-806PubMed ID17105198
Method Researchers present a novel methodology to quantify the binding of proteins to target DNA molecules based on single-molecule detection and real-time counting of individual free and bound fluorescently tagged molecules flowing past a detection device. Using this technology, they measured DNA binding by fluorescently tagged domains of four distinct transcription factors, namely, human early growth response protein Egr-1, vertebrate GATA-1, Drosophila GAGA factor, and bacteriophage lambda Cro repressor.
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