Time between starvation and expression of meiosis genes

Value 12.4 hours Range: ±2.4 hours
Organism Budding yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Reference Nachman I, Regev A, Ramanathan S. Dissecting timing variability in yeast meiosis. Cell. 2007 Nov 2 131(3):pp. 548 fig. 3APubMed ID17981121
Method research followed up to 4000 single cells at 5–10 min intervals under a fluorescent microscope for 18–45 hr as they underwent meiosis. External factors (temperature, nutrient flow) were kept constant and uniform across cells.
Comments This stage, the precommitment interval, is highly variable from cell to cell whereas the postcommitment interval is far less variable (see BNID 102528)
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