Rate of elongation reaction: Ribosome + RNAn > Ribosome·RNAn+1

Value 100 bp/sec
Organism Bacteria Escherichia coli
Reference A Arkin, J Ross, HH McAdams, Stochastic Kinetic Analysis of Developmental Pathway Bifurcation in Phage {lambda}-Infected Escherichia coli Cells, Genetics, 1998PubMed ID9691025
Primary Source Adhya S, Gottesman M., Promoter occlusion: transcription through a promoter may inhibit its activity. Cell. 1982 Jul29(3):939-44. AND Sørensen MA, Pedersen S. Absolute in vivo translation rates of individual codons in Escherichia coli. The two glutamic acid codons GAA and GAG are translated with a threefold difference in rate. J Mol Biol. 1991 Nov 20 222(2):265-80.PubMed ID6217898, 1960727
Comments Sorensen 1991 actually reports a value which is significantly lower
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