Half life of Rab7 protein in HeLa cell

Value 28 hours
Organism Human Homo sapiens
Reference Ganley IG, Carroll K, Bittova L, Pfeffer S. Rab9 GTPase regulates late endosome size and requires effector interaction for its stability. Mol Biol Cell. 2004 Dec15(12):5420-30. Value extracted visually from p.5428 figure 7CPubMed ID15456905
Method Abstract: "To explore the importance of Rab9 for microdomain establishment, researchers depleted the protein from cultured cells. Rab9 depletion decreased late endosome size and reduced the numbers of multilamellar and dense-tubule–containing late endosomes/lysosomes, but not multivesicular endosomes." P.5428 caption to figure 7C: "[35S]methionine/cysteine pulse-chase analysis of protein turnover in HeLa S3 cells transfected with control or TIP47 siRNA." Value extracted visually from p.5428 figure 7C
Comments Wiki: "The Rab family of proteins is a member of the Ras superfamily of monomeric G proteins." See BNID 104380, 104381, 102058, 104151
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