Volume of cell occupied by water

Value 68 %
Organism Budding yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Reference Jerry W. King, Gary R, Supercritical fluid technology in oil and lipid chemistry, 1996, American Oil Chemists' Society, p.303 2nd paragraph
Primary Source Masamichi Kamihira, Masayuki Taniguchi and Takeshi Kobayashi, Sterilization of microorganisms with supercritical carbon dioxide, Agric. Biol Chem., 51 (2), 407-412, 1987 p.410 left column bottom paragraph
Comments P.303 2nd paragraph: "Table 14.11 shows the results of sterilizing enzyme preparations with SC-CO2 at 20 MPa and 35˚C for 2 h. After wet E. coli (water content: 74%) or baker’s yeast (water content: 68%) was mixed with crude, dry α-amylase or lipase at a weight ratio of 9:1, the microorganisms in the enzyme preparations could be sterilized with SC-CO2." For water fraction by volume in E. coli and mammalian cell see BNID 100044 and 103960 respectively. For water fraction by mass in yeast see BNID 103689
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