Resolution of transmission electronic microscope (TEM)

Range 0.1 - 15 (best is 0.07) nm
Organism Generic
Reference Williams, David B., and C. Barry Carter. Transmission Electron Microscopy. A Textbook for Materials Science, New York : Springer, c2009. Chapter 6, Lenses, Apertures, and Resolution pp.91-114 David B. Williams, C. Barry Carter p.108 right column 3rd paragraph
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Comments "The numerical factor in equation 6.23 [see measurement method] is often written as B. Typically, the value for rmin is ~0.25–0.3nm and the best high-resolution instruments have rmin ~0.1–15 nm 1-Å TEMs are about the best available without Cs correction and about 0.07 nm is (at the time of writing) the best reported resolution with Cs correction." Cs is a constant (a length) for a particular lens called the spherical aberration coefficient
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