Resolution that can be obtained by transmission electron microscope

Value 0.1 nm
Organism Generic
Reference Lodish et al., Molecular Cell Biology fifth edition 2004 p.190 right column top paragraph
Comments P.190 left column bottom paragraph to right column top paragraph: "The short wavelength of electrons means that the limit of resolution for the transmission electron microscope is theoretically 0.005 nm (less than the diameter of a single atom), or 40,000 times better than the resolution of the light microscope and 2 million times better than that of the unaided human eye. However, the effective resolution of the transmission electron microscope in the study of biological systems is considerably less than this ideal. Under optimal conditions, a resolution of 0.10 nm can be obtained with transmission electron microscopes, about 2000 times better than the best resolution of light microscopes." See BNID 111142
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